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Group policies cause IE to not save settings on exit

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  • Group policies cause IE to not save settings on exit

    Hi All,

    I have just upgraded IE from 5.5 to 6.0. I have added some group policies to the machine, this was to disable registry editting tools, and disabling users from changing their monitor settings, and finally the only IE policy was "hide the security tab" so that users can't set it to low and access all sites that could use cookies, etc.

    I use a firewall to connect to the web. When I set up my proxy settings in IE6, I can access the web, but when I re-start / log off the pc - I have to enter the settings all over again. Everytime a user logs on I have to set it up for them.

    I have checked on IE6 for a "save on exit" option / setting - can't find one. Checked the group policy setting on the user and local machine - the "don't save settings on exit" is not enabled.

    I cant understand whats going on....

    I have even changed the settings back to how they were before, but still no luck. Is there any way of resetting the group policies back to the default. I have 3 other machines that work fine and save settings on exit. I have compared the group policies on them and set the problem machine with the same settings - still the problem is there.... HELP!!!

    I am using Windows 2000 Pro with SP4 and Office 2000. I am about 75% sure that it is a policy problem, not IE6 or user because the other machines that we use all have IE6, the group policies have not been set yet (thank God!) and these work fine, its not a user issue either because when I log on as Administrator - same problem.

    Has anyone used group policies or had this problem with group policies? If so some guidance or a link to reset to default would be greatly appreciated.

    Habib Razak