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Advice Needed On This Web Page!!

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  • Advice Needed On This Web Page!!

    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping that anyone who reads this would do me a very big favour and find out if this web page is working correctly, or if it is me doing something wrong...

    Could everyone please go to http://members.human-rights.org and click on the link "Not A Member Yet? Click here To Sign Up!" at the very bottom of the page.

    After that you will be taken to a sign up page...this is where my problem starts...try and enter a random unused domain name in the second entry colomn (for a free sub-domain) and please tell me what happens!

    I am trying to register for a free site but when I do it this page just refreshes itself after I click on the NEXT button to carry on.

    Please can someone let me know what the problem may be? Any help will be appreciated! Thank you, guys.


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    no probs found


    Just checked out the site, didnt't have any problems, got to the secure server to enter payment details, etc.

    I am using IE6, could be a problem with your IE settings. What error message do you get?

    - Habib


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      Help and Advice on Webpage!!

      Hiya, may I first say thanks for replying to the post!

      i do not seem to be getting any error messages at all. WhenI click on the NEXT button, the page just refreshes itself and the same comes up. My text which I entered stays on the refreshed page, but I just do not understand whatis going on!

      I have tried the same thing in Netscape 7.1 as well, but it does the same thing! I also have IE 6.0 as well, this just happens with both browsers.

      What dya reckon the problem may be, since I do not get any error messages? Again, thanks alot for replying, now I know its me! lol



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        try checking your cache. It might just keep reading the old files on your comp. maybe cookies if you utilize them...