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Slow Windows load even with SSD

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  • Slow Windows load even with SSD

    Some 2 or 3 weeks ago I started having this problem. The Windows loading screen, which did not take 5 seconds before, now takes several minutes. Once logged in to OS, everything works fine.

    I do not know if it has to do, but worth mentioning: I changed my 1TB HD (many bad sectors) for a 240GB Kingston SSD (SA400S37240G) about 1 year ago. As I'm not spacious use it just as storage device. I had never had an SSD before, so my experience was one of the best, I do not know how I got so long without.

    I've run benchmark tests (Data LifeGuard, CrystalDiskInfo, and CrystalDiskMark) on the SSD, and they've all looked healthy and perfectly functional. I've run around several antivirus and antispyware (ESET, Norton Rescue Tool, CCleaner, SUPERAntispyware, Karspersky and Windows Defender, of course). They found one or another suspect or allegedly dangerous file, but they did not solve the problem. I also ran Defraggler to see the level of fragmentation (17%) as a curiosity, since as far as I know, fragmentation, for an SSD, makes no difference.

    Everything indicates that SSD is not the culprit, but I do not know everything and I'm here because of it. Thanks for your help.

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    download any antivirus and complete a full output! sounds like an infection to me! Once I also facing the issue similar to that because I try to install an app as read on https://appshowbox.org/, but its speed gets an increase after using Kaspersky antivirus But gets it from any trusted resource.
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      Here some reason why this problem occurs Using a hard drive (HDD) instead of a solid state drive (SSD), You need to restart your PC, Too many open apps and tabs, Hard drive is corrupted or fragmented, Not enough RAM.


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        If this happens, I just install Windows again!


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          It can be because of many reasons, But i think it is because when you open the windows there was many autostart apps started to open in the background which is may be the reason that causes your pc to slow loading and also may be because of some virus is autostarting whenever you start your windows. which may consume so much ram, Check the task manager once you start the pc. And run full antivirus checkup, deselect the unwanted apps from autostart menu, And also uninstall unwanted apps from your system, Hope it works


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            Well, the main issue in your case is the connection of the SSD with the main OS. This can happen when the system chooses a different way to transfer data. Check your bios system and look at the SSD connection type. I am sure that your system uses the regular hard drive connection encryption mechanisms. This is why the loading process of your OS is so long. Also, you can double-check the disk benchmark via recovery services like raid data recovery sites. If you solved this problem, please share your method with us here!