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Device to connect PC to Music system

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  • Device to connect PC to Music system

    At present I listen to music through my PC speakers from the following sources:- MP3 files; You Tube; Amazon Music; Internet radio/BBC iplayer (radio). I also have a large amount of old records I want to dust off and be able to play so am about to buy a turntable/amp/speakers. I am looking for advice on what device(s) I need to enable playing all the above PC music sources through the amp whilst often using the PC speakers (to play games etc.) at the same time.

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    Howdy Nicole, I'd found something that hoping in some way helpful, (noting the computer out -> amp in and the vice versa). In addition, as you suggested, you may also need to buy an amp/turntable/speakers that will run your old records and complement it with your computer system. (https://www.ramelectronics.net/howto-pc-audio.aspx)



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      So are you looking a turntable