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apache2 + win7 64 connection issues

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  • apache2 + win7 64 connection issues


    I'm not sure if this is apache or Win7 issue. I'm using windows7 home 64, I installed httpd-2.2.19-win32-x86-no_ssl, followed the instructions etc. I can connect to the server via domain or ip with my own computer. But people in LAN or outside cant connect. I've tried port 80 and 8080.

    I'm using Comodo firewall, tried to disable it, didn't help.
    My isp provides different firewall settings, I used "allow all traffic" and "server ports" setups, neither of them worked.
    I don't have a router since the cabel is connected "through the wall" since the internet is shared with the whole apartment. This server worked fine with my vista laptop, so I dont think it's an ISP problem.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards,


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    install apache on Win7

    To fix the Port 80 problem do:

    From cmd as administrator:

    * sc config http start= demand (you need a space after the equal sign and not before)
    * Reboot
    *Run the command (netsh http show servicestate) as administrator to check that the port 80 is in use After you have run this command, you can disable *http.sys as follows:
    *net stop http (stop the process)
    *Sc config http start= disabled (if u want to disable the service forever)

    Otherwise if you installed it on port 8080, you need to access it on port 8080:

    localhost:8080 or
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