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  • How to connect to mysql>

    I am testing things out of free hosting with cPanel etc, but I would like to connect to MySQL through Windows Command, or I guess Putty. I am just not sure how to do this and if it is possible at all.
    In the end I want to be at mysql> on a server (instad of ftp> or c:\ in the command line if you know what I mean)

    I have ftp info for the server (000webhost), I am able to connect through ftp client, I created an MySQL database in cPanel also. I just want to know if I can get there with either CMD or Putty (?) or something like that.

    Thank you.

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    Not all webhosts allow terminal access to the server and for those that do not all enable it by default only at your request. I would contact your web host tech support and ask them if you have terminal access. They will likely require that you use whatever client application they prefer which will likely be something that supports SSH (Secure Shell). Putty does have a SSH client built in.
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