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trying to connect old hdd's to xp.(sata)

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  • Resolved trying to connect old hdd's to xp.(sata)


    I have a couple of old hdd's - one of which is from a laptop - and I need to copy the data from them to either my current SATA drive with XPSP3 on it or a memory stick. The old drives ran in the windoze ME days and connect with the 1" tape cable. The memory sticks seem not to be backwardly compatible.

    Can any of you please point me to a tutorial that will explain how I can recover the data from these drives to my memory sticks.

    OK, here is my own tutorial...
    plug your ata drive into the motherboard using the cable from the cd/dvd writer. (there may even be a spare IDE connector on the motherboard).
    simple as that - I found.

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