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my computer will only start with one hdd and no cmos battery

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  • Resolved my computer will only start with one hdd and no cmos battery

    ok, starting from the beginning.

    from the beginning of building my own computer, it will start and before doing anything, even before running post(tested by taking out ram), it will power off and restart itself. then on second start, it will boot just fine. i soon bought a new processor to boost my computer. when i installed it, the computer wouldnt boot anymore. when it did boot once of30tries or so, it would freeze at any time. i figured that it might be a power issue since i knew a 330 watt is low. i took out the new processor and put the old one in and it worked correctly other than the boot and shut off and boot up again.

    i bought a new power supply(550 watt) and put it in. the booting issue was still there and the new processor wouldnt even boot the computer. i put the old processor back in the computer and the old worked just fine other than the boot and shut off and boot back up again.

    i decided to look up the issue with the processor and i found that some people had an issue with it too and that the firmware might need to be updated. i proceeded to update my bios via the msi updater and it requested that i back up the firmware on a floppy. i didnt have a floppy drive so i skipped that step and updated through the os. upon doing this, it rebooted the computer. next the computer booted through to the point of the hdd and froze. after that, it wouldnt go past post. next i put the newer processor in and the fan spun once and then nothing else happened. the lights and everything was on, but nothing was going on. i putt he old processor in and the same thing.

    i put the computer away for about 6 months and got it back out to play with it. after playing with it, the computer will boot and run past the motherboard screen, then say the bios version and freeze. i have two hdds, i unplugged them and they work only iff i take out the cmos battery. so to make it clear, my computer will only successfully boot if i have a hdd that has a master option, and with ide(sata doesnt work with boot, only ide) and with the cmos battery out. if i have the computer running and while it is running, already have the power in the sata drive, then connect the sata cable, then restart my computer through the os, the computer will freeze on the bios version screen and you cannot hit f2 to see your bios setup. i am typing on my computer right now and my mouse and keyboard will only function if i plug the usb in after boot of the os. also, my computer is still doing that boot and shut off and boot again. i have the old 1.6 proccessor, 775, 550 power supply, a 512 graphics card in a pci x16 slot, a 80 gig hdd and a lightscribe dvd burner that doesnt see blank dvds(dont think it matter on that part but you might think it does) in my computer.

    i know it is time to get a new computer but i would like to know how to fix this one. i would really appreciate any help with this, it has me and my friends stumped.
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    The motherboard is probably bad.


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      i have fixed this problem!

      i have ordered a new computer now. i figured that the motherboard wasnt in the best of shape so i am building a new one. upgrading everything. thanks

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