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  • search for a good domain registration deal

    Hi All,

    I am looking for a good place to purchase a .com domain name.

    I have looked about for a .com for a specific domain and these are 5 prices I found. Are they reasonable? Can they get any cheaper?

    mydomain.com Available £8.89 per year (UKreg)
    mydomain.com 2 yrs £14.98 (cheapdomainnames.co.uk)
    mydomain.COM $8.95/yr (godaddy.com)
    mydomain.com £8.99 a year (123-reg.co.uk)
    mydomain.com £17.63 2 yrs (telivo.com)

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    Go daddy is actually at 6.95 a year right now. I use them because they seem to give you the most control of your domain. I don't like their webhosting though.

    http://www.register.com/ seems to have a good deal but IMO Go Daddy is a more respectable company. I say this not ever doing business with register.com
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