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Lost hard drive

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  • Lost hard drive

    I have 3 hard drives. Number 1 (c drive) is a 20 gig for the operating system. Number 2 is partitioned into 2 drives (160gig samsung). My third(another 160) drive is hooked up via a PCI slot and I can't read it. Just got done reformating my c drive and saved all of my files on the 160 drive that I can't see anywhere.

    Does anyone know how to read my third drive?

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    Because the third drive is connected through a PCI interface card, there are likely drivers that are needed to access it. When you reformatted and reinstalled the operating system, you lost any such drivers. Check the PCI interface card's web site to confirm this and download any drivers and installation instructions.

    To access your third drive on a temporary basis, disconnect your second drive and configure the jumpers (if any) on your third drive to match the master/slave/cableselect value needed, and connect the third drive in place of the second drive.
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      Yeah you need to install the drivers for the PCI controller card.