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XML feed error?

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  • XML feed error?

    Hi, firstly any help on this is greatly appreciated!

    Im very new to XML and have been running a RSS feed as a test run, all was fine but now im recieving an error in the scripting, if you click the link below it will give you feedvalidator's response to the error, iv tried correcting it, but i cannot find a problem, everytime i delete the error highlighted on feedvalidator, it just does the same for the next item in the feed, (always the 2nd item)??????

    Heres the feedvalidator link:
    Heres a direct link to the feed:

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    You have a wellformedness error in there due to a typo, the CDATA block terminator should be "]]>" but you've written it as "]]":
    <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p>RapCentral.co.uk has learnt that Virginia Beach Police are probing a shooting that left one dead and several wounded outside the Miami Restaurant and Lounge where Jim Jones was hosting a party.</p>
    <p>Shots reportedly began ringing around 2 a.m. earlier today (Sept. 22) inside the venue where roughly100 party-goers attended.</p>
    <p>"When officers got here people were bailing out of the parking lot and people were still shooting out here," Margie Long, a police spokeswoman, told the Virginia Pilot.</p>
    <p>One person was found dead in the spot's parking lot. The victim could not be identified without family notification. Another victim was airlifted to Sentara Norfolk GeneralHospital and the others were taken to local trauma centers. Authorities couldn't confirm the number of victims because others could have taken themselves to the hospital.</p>
    <p>The suspects are still at large and thus far police have no detailed descriptions. No charges have been brought. Detectives spoke to witnesses inside the venue and at the hospital. They were also looking into bullet casings found in the parking lot and in vehicles to determine how many shooters were at the scene.</p> 
    <p><a href="http://www.rapcentral.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11845">COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE IN THE RAPCENTRAL FORUM &raquo;</a></p>[color=red]]][/color]</content:encoded>
    liorean <[[email protected]]>
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      everything is working fine now!

      thanks for ya reply! Much appreciated!