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xml and access database

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  • xml and access database

    i would like to use xml to give information out on 3 different platforms, http, wap and interactive TV and i would like to use my access database to do this, all my info is in the database, i would like to know if i link to my database in the xml document or in a seperate coldfusion etc document that reads my xml document, or do i link to the database in the xml document? any help with this wpould be greatly appreciated, if you do have information that could help me could you please leave me a private message on this system or reply to this thread.

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    For this application a server side platform such as asp would be a perfect interface to generate xml docs on the fly dynamically..The xml DOM object is quite a powerful interface to merge your existing databasees with an xml interface.. also an xml page can be generated by simply making a text file with .xml extension or by writing the output to the screen in asp


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      but how?

      do you know the asp codeto connect to a datasource and the xml that gos with it?