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storing javacsript values in XML

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  • storing javacsript values in XML

    using HTML/Javascript, i have created an interface whereby, the user can select :
    (1) a map from a list of map files
    (2) a data file from a list of data diles
    (3) various colors for representing a map.

    now my part is that i need to define a dynamic XML file that stores the user selections. this XML is then transferred to a server. the server side processing is taken care of by other persons.

    the code which i have written is as follows:

    in the above file, in the <map> tag, should i store the whole path of the map file say <map>c:\aa.jpg</map> or
    should i use some sort of variables and store them in the tag
    like <map>a or b or c</map> where a,b,c are variables.

    since i am new to XML, i need ur advise in the above case.
    any useful link on creating dynamic XML files from HTML/JS will also be quite useful to me.

    thanks in advance.