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    So I've been wanting to get in to firefox development and I'm having trouble finding a good starting place. I've looked at the MDN stuff but most of that stuff seems to be horribly out of date. I've tried to find some info from google but again most of the stuff I found seems to be out of date.

    As far as I understand to make an extension (which is the goal) you use XUL which is a combination of XML and JavaScript I guess?

    I'm very confused and having more trouble than I thought finding a starting point so if anyone wants to point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated.

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    Well, there's a few basic files you need to build an extension: install.rdf and chrome.manifest at the very least.

    That said, have you looked in bugzilla.mozilla.org for any "good first bug" bugs? It might be a great way to get involved.

    I've been around the Mozilla codebase for over a decade, so I might be able to help a bit.
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