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Need help with Xhtml 1.1 strict

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  • Need help with Xhtml 1.1 strict

    I am building a website with xhtml 1.1 strict and I am unsure as to how I would host the folder with files in it. I am used to reg html where you copy & paste the code onto the site & save. Can anyone help me out? Thanks so much.

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    In terms of how you store the files, nothing changes - though you have to be a little careful about the content-types you serve the files with.

    Can you show us some source code?

    Also, be aware not every browser in the world supports XHTML 1.1 yet.
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      From reading your post it seems that you probably don't even know what XHTML1.1 is and that you have to pass the correct headers so my recommendation is to drop down to XHTML1.0 Strict where it is optional to pass the correct headers.
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