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Sphere 3d?

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  • Sphere 3d?

    Well made this completly and utterly useless script, basicly it can take whatever HTML elements(I think) and start rotating them around in a sphere useless ain't it?

    So anyway what you think?

    PS:It migth be useless but seldom have I had so much fun scripting :P

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    One thing that annoys me is that it keeps going off of the page.
    even if you go to make it centered it adjusts it to go off again.
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      how you make it centered?


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        wow i like that one it does bug me that it is going off the page though good job


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          Its center is set to 500x500x500 in the screen(3rd dimension more or less ignored.)
          from here all the elements is at a distance of roughly 300pixels(3rd dimensional length).
          this mean the the fursthest they get out is to left 800+1/2 elements width.
          and top is to 800+1/2elements height.

          so in other words the inside of the browser window have to be at least.
          800+1/2longest elementwidth X 800+1/2heighest elementheight.

          if the window is below this they will go out


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            are u looking for java vb vc++ video chat conferencing application or dll ?

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