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    Until HTML 5 is in widespread use, here's a solution to quickly and easily put Windows Media Player in your web pages:
    • No coding needed
    • Just create the markup for your media groups, the code does the rest
    • A group may contain different media types
    • Nothing new to learn
    • Plays all the common file types, .mp3, mpeg, wma, wmv, avi, etc.
    • Maximum 15 media groups per page
    • Tested in IE and FF5
    • Edit and/or create .wax (playlist) files using Notepad
    • Just copy the code and files for yourself
    • Here is the Demo

    Respect the author's intellectual property rights by retaining the copyright notice.

    Of course, if you need to be told...
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    hey, thanks for the code but I have removed the notice at the top because I don't know who actually wrote the code.