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Jquery not working properly in content pages

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  • jQuery Jquery not working properly in content pages

    Hi guys,

    I am relatively new to using jquery. I am working on a website which makes use of a master page. My problem however is that I have jquery plugins on my master page as well as on some of my other pages. (for example: I have a login jquery plugin on my master page and I am using the jquery dialog on another page).

    The problem is that the dialog only works the first time you click the button to show it. I have tried using the same code in a page that does not inherit from a master page and then it works perfectly. This is how I know that the problem has to be a communication problem or something between the content page and the master page, but I have no idea what it might be.

    If anyone could help I would be extremely grateful.

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    No link no help.
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