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Sliding Issue JQuery

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  • Sliding Issue JQuery

    Hi All,

    I'm having trouble with a portfolio site Im building for my Auntie. Im a beginner with Jquery but havnt really struggled with much Ive put my mind to. This is sending me insane but I feel there is a simple solution.

    I've got a logo as a click function then the images top and bottom of it slide out as the logo fades out, taking you to the main content. The two slideouts I have got working fine when set to absolute and looks cracking on the mac.

    However on the laptop etc with it been absolute the middle content (logo) is covered by the two slides, and when set to relative doesnt work at all. Ideally the bottom slide wants to start at the bottom of the logo and be 150px in height, then back to the black background.

    Again Im not a pro so any information or a kick in the right direction would be extremely helpful. Heres the URL:-

    Again thanks in advance,


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    The lower image/slide (however you call it) has an absolute positioning on the bottom of the viewport (CSS: bottom:0). It will always move up if the viewport is becoming smaller in height.

    Possible solutions:
    1. Remove bottom:0 and position the element starting from the top OR
    2. Change the z-index so that it will no longer cover the other elements