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Star Product Rating Script (BBCode) for Boards Using Jquery

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  • Star Product Rating Script (BBCode) for Boards Using Jquery

    This one was hard to find. I was looking for a rating script for a message board, that I could put in the 1st post of a topic and users can rate a book. If they want to comment, they can simply answer the topic. I finally found one in BBCode format. I got excited since it's exactly what I was looking for. But I just discovered it has a major flaw, it carries over the result from the previous topic to the new topic since I'm using it in the same forum but different topics. Beside that, I think it's the closest thing I can find for my needs.

    Could someone take a look at the rating.js script (it's an attachment since it's a long script) and see if there's away to make it reset for each individual topic on the same page? This is the forum, I want to use it in (it would be just in the 1st post of the monthly discussion topic): http://www.sonyreaderboards.com/foru...forum.php?f=14

    BBCode usage
    Html replacement
        <div class="js-kit-rating" starColor="{IDENTIFIER}"></div>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="ratings.js"></script>
    Choose your star color.
    It looks like this:

    If you hit the exclamation point next to the stars, you will get to see voting history by choosing the tabs:
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