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Text Link issue with Cut & Paste Drop down

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  • jQuery Text Link issue with Cut & Paste Drop down

    What would cause site-navigation and other text links on a page with Drop-down Panel to expand/contract when clicked????

    Just started a new site and used Drop-down Panel on RETAIL page

    See "RETAIL" at: www.markline.etnom.com (RETAIL.html)

    FYI: I'm using jQuery 1.2.2 and this issue happens with/without links inside the Drop-down Panel and other minor changes I've made to css, tab width, font, etc.

    HELP is appreciated.

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    Okay well It's obviously a JavaScript issue.. but it's a CSS issue too, because the JavaScript is adding this code
    a:active {
      letter-spacing: 1pt;
    Which is what causes the effect.. The only thing that you've added is the JKPanel script, and if it's not that the only other thing is jQuery itself, which I doubt, so remove the script if it still produces that result, then maybe look into the code (Which I've done, but I don't see anything out of the ordinary).

    If that still doesn't work, and you're looking for a quick fix maybe attempt to set the setting yourself via both CSS then jQuery - this isn't what I'll deem a fix, but it's a solution. The weirdest thing about this is, if jQuery is adding some CSS to it, I would see the inline style, but I don't see it. It's definitely a weird case.

    If all else fails, maybe look into getting another script, sorry I couldn't help anymore.


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      Wierd is right... I went over everything again and cannot spot the problem.

      I've received no other comments. Is "JavaScript Frameworks" the right forum for this question????