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expanding, collapse in scriptaculous

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  • expanding, collapse in scriptaculous


    I want to make 3 changes for site: http://2010.mat.be/content.asp?theme=2&go=cv (and click on the logo at the center of the screen):

    1) Only one element could be expanded at a time (means that if another element is expanded, it will collapsed before other one will expand)

    2) that data sent in querystring (address) ?go=XX will expand automatically (example: ?go=cv > layver_cv)

    3) display in fade a tooltip (prototip style) when mouse over on center logo only when collapsed)

    I'm blocked since 3 days...

    This script is based on scriptaculous.

    Big thanks to all


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    well, i had a nice post typed up to help you but before i hit submit i went to your page.

    thanks to that eternal loop of alerts i had to close the browser window. with that window went your detailed help. thanks for wasting my time.

    anyway... you want an accordion. and you can use your get string to tell this one which to open on load



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      There is NO eternal loops.. and i'm serious in my request... Still have problem. PLease open it in firefox.

      Alert is juste showing content of querystringt variable.. 2 or 3 max..

      Could you help me?



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        yes it IS an eternal loop. I'm using IE7 and it just alerts to "false". clicking ok prints another row and alerts again. after a few alerts the page does load in ff... but you're going to have to address that issue.

        did you look at the link i posted? it has a tutorial on how to do what you want...


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          I've removed the alert from script (which I put for debugging).

          Thanks for script, but i don't like appareance of accordion. I prefer mine but can hide all..

          Thanks again for watching..