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smart folding menu and NN6

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  • smart folding menu and NN6

    The web page for the Smart Folding Menus script says it has been updated for NN6.

    I've recently installed NN6 and the folding menus don't work either on my webpage (www.crfc.org/sitemap.html) or on the Smart Folding Menu page. It doesn't degrade to the expanded tree as NN4 does. Just changes icon (and alternately loses, regains some folder names)

    I have javascript turned on in NN6

    Any more info or tips?


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    I've just had a look, all in NS6, at the Dynamic Drive page and the menu does work on it. Had a look at your site and it does not work. I also have it on my site to control a structured list of links and it works OK, the code on DD has not changed since I downloaded so it must be something you've done on your page.

    Just had a look at your page. The JS coding is totally different from the original, suggest you go back to the original and make you alterations one at a time and check to see what throws it.
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      Thanks for the look. I didn't code the smart folding menu on our site--its possible that an older version was used. But before I get into that, I would like to discover why the example on Dynamic Dhtml doesn't always work in my NN6. I have discovered that though it doen't work the first time I hit the site, if if move off the page then navigate back with the back button, it works. I wonder if that problem is related to another problem with my NN6. Sometimes pages don't load on the first attempt, and sometimes some images don't load on the first attempt.

      I'll compare the code on our page to the example and assume that there is some problem with my installation of NN6.


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        Your right about it not working first time in NS6, think I must have gone off the page and came back to it to see if it worked. Sorry about that.
        An answer needs a question just as much as a question needs an answer. Deep eh!