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DD's Document Cross Hair ?

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  • DD's Document Cross Hair ?

    Hello all.

    I have been a fairly regular visitor to this forum in the past few months and have never needed to post with regards to a query...Until now

    I am having a little bit of a problem with Dynamic Drives Mouse X-hair script [HERE]. I am using a header and contents frames page as a base for my site and can't get this script to work inside the Frames HTML page

    The only way I have managed to get the script working is to place the script on both pages contained within the frames page...However, this causes a problem when the mouse passes from one frame to the other because the crosshair remains stagnent on the frame it has left, doesn't look nice at all Also the prospect of adding the code to the 30 or so pages on my site (and still growing) is daunting to say the least.

    There is probably a very simple solution to this but I must appologise from the off... I am an 133t Cut & Paste coder... Anything to do with debugging is beyond me.

    Thanks in advance