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Chromeless Window (Again)

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  • Chromeless Window (Again)

    Right, my first post on here, so... 'Hi to Everyone'

    Ok, my problem is to do with the titlebar and closing the document.
    The titlebar as the code stands looks pants.
    So is there a way to add the border not just around the window but around the titlebar its self too ?

    If not, and more preferably... is there a piece of javascript or something that I can use to close the window instead of the standard top-right button ?
    (ie. onClick="self.close" or onClick="window.close" - neither of which work with the window).

    I've asked a few people about this before even finding this forum, so maybe I might have some luck.

    If you want to see the site to see what I have so far...


    Many thanx...

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    Dead link.

    I don't see why
    <a href="javascript:window.close()">close window</a>
    should not work.

    I don't really understand what you mean by adding a border to go around the title bar as well as the window as the windows outer extremities are the border, providing it has not been disabled, of which the title bar is within. I have not tried it but I would think that you would not be able to have a title bar with no border around the window, but I'm just assuming that.

    <edit>That's wierd, javascript is written as one word above but it is displayed as two, is this some secret spell checker thats getting it wrong me wonders</edit>
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      Nope, if you try the script, the border when added, only goes aroung the actually window, not the title bar too. (I'm using MSIE6). You can increase the title bar height and colour it how you like, but can't forinstance put a 1px black border around it.

      And no, due to something within the script its self, a simple javascript close will not work. Have no clue why.

      Thanx for your reply.

      Peace \/


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        A "Chromeless" window acts like a FRAME'd window - you just can't close one frame...

        Try this:

        <A HREF="#" onClick="top.close();">

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          YaY !!

          EXCELLENT !!

          Thank you very much

          Peace \/