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Need help with Top Navagational Bar II : scaling

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  • Need help with Top Navagational Bar II : scaling

    Installed it & it works great, but I'm having a problem with the scaling/resizing in relation to different resolutions. Here's my prob......

    My nav bar has 8 menus, each with a width of 126 pixels. It looks great in 1024x768, but is way too wide in 800x600 (obviously). If I drop the menu size to 100 pixels each, I get a long unused section that shows up in 1024x768 (looks like a huge menu with no text, which stands out in a bad way).

    What I'm wondering is if there's a line of code I can put in to scale the nav bar to 100% or fit browser window, instead of using the pixel width under each menu? Or can I use %'s in each menu's width somehow? Is there an obvious fix that I'm just overlooking?

    My apologies in advance if this has been asked a million times before, I searched with no luck. Thanks in advance....


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    What does your code look like (below the menu & sub-menu designations)? I haven't dealt with your problem in a long time...so I'm a little rusty.

    A little above your </script> line, do you have something like the following?


    Again, I'd probably need to see your code (page links are GREAT) in order to dig deeper. Others in the forum here may be able to give you the answer off the tops of their heads.
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