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HV menu freezes after going to a link

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  • HV menu freezes after going to a link

    Hi, I'm using the HV menu for my site, with 2 frames in rows: 1 top frame with the menu, and one main frame. When the index first loads, the menu is fine. After I go to a link though, the page will load in the bottom frame, but the menu in the top frame sort of freezes. If you want to see how it's messing up, go to http://1dentity.tripod.com and go to Home/Site and go to Guestbook (that's the only link that works for now). I have no idea what's wrong or what I should configure since I'm only a beginner, so any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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    you cannot load a page from a different server. all page being loaded to main page need to have the code needed to load the menu(like your index page):

    <BODY onload="javascript:{if(parent.frames[0]&&parent.frames['indextopframe'].Go)parent.frames['indextopframe'].Go()}"


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      ok, thanks a lot!