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  • Help with DropDown Menu Link

    Hello I am new here and I have a question about the Drop Down Menu Link Javascript. It's great but I have a problem with it.

    I have successfully implemented the Javascript into my site. I am using it for my "Links" page, when a user clicks on a link, a pop up menu appears and asks whether they want it opened in a new window or the current window. That part of it works fine, it does what I wanted it to.

    However, when I resize the window, the links stay in a fixed position and doesn't move with the rest of my site and makes it all messed up. I was playing around with the <STYLE> tag's parametres. When I take that part of it out, the links stay with my site when it is resized, but the pop up menu is always in one spot for every link. With the code in, the page is fine except when it is resized.

    Any help on fixing this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    if its for NS4+ then try this:


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      Thank you very much for your help. That's just what I wanted.