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  • hvmenus with absolute filenames

    Hi, I'm going to reword my question from a couple of days ago. With the hvmenus file in a Dreamweaver template and many html files in different folders, should I use absolute file paths? Site-relative ones don't seem to work as the javascript does not update itself when an html files is moved into a different folder or a folder nested in another folder.

    Problem is that this for an intranet site that will require log-in access. I have no clue whether absolute filepaths work with a site that requires log-in.

    Thanks for any advice,


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    It does not matter whether you use absolute or relative addresses as they both work. From your question it seems that your problem is keeping a track of where the files are and then updating the menu variable file with their new locations.

    The solution is to have a directory structure and stick to it. Dreamweaver, FrontPage etc will take care of most of the moving around of files in its own coding, but any coding outside of the program, e.g. your .js files, will need manual updating for every file location change.
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