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custom scrollbar in tables?

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  • custom scrollbar in tables?

    Okay. So say I have a table with a defined width/height. I put information in this table, and it's more than the table can hold.

    Can I use the custom scrollbar to scroll WITHIN the table ONLY?
    That is, the table's border remains static on the page but text and whatnot within the table can scroll up or down.

    If this is possible, can someone help script me?



    P.S.: I found a page that has a good example: www.jadetree.com/audio.php

    You see in the upper-right are scroll gifs. But there are two problems. First, they scroll too fast. Second, on examining the source, the script seemed awfully elaborate. How would I keep it simple?
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    try scripts like this:
    This DHTML scroller puts you at the helm. Scroll up, down, or pause as you choose.

    i would simply use iframe.


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      Another excellent script can be found at:


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        Not bad, but first of all I wouldn't have anywhere to put the "Up, Down, Stop, Top" or whatever basically because of my page's layout. Second, I really want to have something trendy that will wow my visitors.


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          these scripts are all in their generic form waiting to be customized to wow your visitors. instead of up down text you can customize by using images like an arrow or use scripts like this: http://ghtml.com/showoff/scrollbar/index.html , but you can't use this in a table....


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            Another script at the site I mentioned before

            may fit the bill better


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              led, the first one you mentioned was way closer. The second one wasn't close at all. You sure you got the right URL?


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                never mind!!

                I figured it out. Took me only two hours, but I charged through it till I understood the variables. If you'd like, when I finish making it, I'll post the page URL so you can see what I was trying to do.


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                  sure thing


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                    It's just a test page for my band, but you can see how I was able to manipulate the scoll area and scroll buttons to fit into specific table divides.

                    Thanks for the help guys