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HV Menus; updating paths to folders and files

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  • HV Menus; updating paths to folders and files

    I am creating a site using HV menus. There will be close to 400 html pages in the end, housed in about 20 different folders. Because the HV menu is housed in its own javascript file, the links to folders, filenames, and graphics do not automatically update when I move an html file to another folder.

    I can work around this by deciding in advance exactly where all html files are and specifiying them in the javacscript file. But there will be other people creating files for the web site, and they may decide to put them in a new folder, which I have no control over. This will mess up the dynamic menus; i.e. the links to the html files will no longer work.

    Is there a solution that will make moving files around easier, instead of constanty adjusting the javascript manually? Can the HV menu javascript be embedded in my Dreamweaver template for the site (there is only one template) so that the "../" is added or dropped when html files are moved?

    Thank you!

    Lollo (javascript beginner)