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HV Menu question about frames

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  • HV Menu question about frames

    Please help me with this. The HV Menu code is really awesome. Just one problem that I am running into. When I am using the menu in a frameset that is split into rows, with a top header frame and a main body frame (and the menu is on the bottom), the script works fine at first. When a link is clicked, I go to the next page just fine, but if I click the back button the menu is gone. I know this has something to do with the fact that the header frame is not reloaded, but the bottom frame is. Any suggestions?

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    hi which version of the menu are you using?

    also try this(if your menu is at frame name main):

    var FirstLineFrame='main'; // Frame where first level appears
    var SecLineFrame='main'; // Frame where sub levels appear
    var DocTargetFrame='main';


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      v5.4(?)....the latest one, anyway.


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        Not quite...

        I am running v5.41. I am running everything from the botton portion of a 2-frame frameset. The problem comes whenever a link is selected and another page is loaded in the browser(frame or not) and you click the "Back" button. The menu is not visilble at this point. Please reply to this message if anyone can help me and needs further clarification. Thanks.


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          hi there,
          can you post a link to your site? its best, at least for me to see what's happening. if you like to keep your site addy private, them you can PM(private message) me using the board's feature.