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HV Menu Problem - Disappearing sublevels?

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  • HV Menu Problem - Disappearing sublevels?

    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping someone might be able to help me out. I just installed the following menu system:

    and I'm having a bit of trouble. I have installed the version of the script that works on pages that include frames, and everything is working fine except that when a new webpage is loaded into the frame that is supposed to display content, the menu stops working. In fact, it seems to "freeze" and stay highlighted on whichever menu item I last picked. The drop-down functionality also stops (submenu items fail to appear, as though they are "blocked" by the newly-loaded content page). Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

    The URL of my site is:

    and the .js file reads as follows:

    / **************************************************
    * (c) Ger Versluis 2000 version 5.411 24 December 2001 (updated Jan 31st, 2003 by Dynamic Drive for Opera7)
    * For info write to [email protected] *
    * You may remove all comments for faster loading *

    var NoOffFirstLineMenus=10; // Number of first level items
    var LowBgColor='#006699'; // Background color when mouse is not over
    var LowSubBgColor='#006699'; // Background color when mouse is not over on subs
    var HighBgColor='white'; // Background color when mouse is over
    var HighSubBgColor='white'; // Background color when mouse is over on subs
    var FontLowColor='white'; // Font color when mouse is not over
    var FontSubLowColor='black'; // Font color subs when mouse is not over
    var FontHighColor='black'; // Font color when mouse is over
    var FontSubHighColor='black'; // Font color subs when mouse is over
    var BorderColor='black'; // Border color
    var BorderSubColor='black'; // Border color for subs
    var BorderWidth=1; // Border width
    var BorderBtwnElmnts=1; // Border between elements 1 or 0
    var FontFamily="verdana,arial" // Font family menu items
    var FontSize=9; // Font size menu items
    var FontBold=0; // Bold menu items 1 or 0
    var FontItalic=0; // Italic menu items 1 or 0
    var MenuTextCentered='left'; // Item text position 'left', 'center' or 'right'
    var MenuCentered='left'; // Menu horizontal position 'left', 'center' or 'right'
    var MenuVerticalCentered='top'; // Menu vertical position 'top', 'middle','bottom' or static
    var ChildOverlap=.2; // horizontal overlap child/ parent
    var ChildVerticalOverlap=.2; // vertical overlap child/ parent
    var StartTop=240; // Menu offset x coordinate
    var StartLeft=1; // Menu offset y coordinate
    var VerCorrect=0; // Multiple frames y correction
    var HorCorrect=0; // Multiple frames x correction
    var LeftPaddng=3; // Left padding
    var TopPaddng=2; // Top padding
    var FirstLineHorizontal=1; // SET TO 1 FOR HORIZONTAL MENU, 0 FOR VERTICAL
    var MenuFramesVertical=0; // Frames in cols or rows 1 or 0
    var DissapearDelay=1000; // delay before menu folds in
    var TakeOverBgColor=0; // Menu frame takes over background color subitem frame
    var FirstLineFrame='navframe'; // Frame where first level appears
    var SecLineFrame='contentframe'; // Frame where sub levels appear
    var DocTargetFrame='contentframe'; // Frame where target documents appear
    var TargetLoc=''; // span id for relative positioning
    var HideTop=0; // Hide first level when loading new document 1 or 0
    var MenuWrap=1; // enables/ disables menu wrap 1 or 0
    var RightToLeft=0; // enables/ disables right to left unfold 1 or 0
    var UnfoldsOnClick=0; // Level 1 unfolds onclick/ onmouseover
    var WebMasterCheck=0; // menu tree checking on or off 1 or 0
    var ShowArrow=1; // Uses arrow gifs when 1
    var KeepHilite=1; // Keep selected path highligthed
    var Arrws=['tri.gif',5,10,'tridown.gif',10,5,'trileft.gif',5,10]; // Arrow source, width and height

    function BeforeStart(){return}
    function AfterBuild(){return}
    function BeforeFirstOpen(){return}
    function AfterCloseAll(){return}

    // Menu tree
    // MenuX=new Array(Text to show, Link, background image (optional), number of sub elements, height, width);
    // For rollover images set "Text to show" to: "rollover:Image1.jpg:Image2.jpg"

    Menu1=new Array("Staff","http://www.robarts.ca/staff_intranet/staff_directory/si_staff_directory.shtml","",0,20,50);

    Menu2=new Array("Conf. Rm. Booking","http://rooms.robarts.ca","",0,20,130);

    Menu3=new Array("News","http://www.robarts.ca/staff_intranet/si_highlights.shtml","",0,20,70);

    Menu4=new Array("Admin Services","blank.htm","",6,20,130);
    Menu4_1=new Array("Admin Services Personnel","blank.htm","",0,35,130);
    Menu4_2=new Array("HR/Payroll/Benefits","blank.htm","",0,20,130);
    Menu4_3=new Array("Policy Manual","blank.htm","",0,20,130);
    Menu4_4=new Array("Forms","blank.htm","",0,20,130);
    Menu4_5=new Array("Forms","blank.htm","",0,20,130);
    Menu4_6=new Array("Robarts Logos","logos.html","",0,20,130);

    Menu5=new Array("Research Services","blank.htm","",0,20,135);

    Menu6=new Array("Building Services","blank.htm","",4,20,140);
    Menu6_1=new Array("Building Services Personnel","blank.htm","",0,20,180);
    Menu6_2=new Array("Work Requisitions","blank.htm","",0,20,180);
    Menu6_3=new Array("Occupational Health and Safety","blank.htm","",0,35,180);
    Menu6_4=new Array("Purchasing","blank.htm","",0,20,150);

    Menu7=new Array("Business Dev. Site","blank.htm","",0,20,135);

    Menu8=new Array("IT Centre","blank.htm","",0,20,80);

    Menu9=new Array("Committees","blank.htm","",0,20,95);

    Menu10=new Array("Home","http://www.robarts.ca/index.html","",0,20,60);

    Thank you so much for your time - sorry for the absolutely massive post. Not sure if anyone will be able to help me out.

  • #2
    doesn't look like a problem at all, just looks like all the menus are opening up underneathe the frame.

    you could either use an iframe instead, or...
    this is for a different script i think but it's about the same kinda problem.


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      very simple problem you have

      you mustn't have been reading the installation for frameset completely I guess, you missing a line in the body

      <body onload="javascript:{if(parent.frames[0]&&parent.frames['leftFrame'].Go)parent.frames['leftFrame'].Go()}>

      you must have that in every pages that opens in the content, I tried it without that line after I saw your thread and thats the problem

      hope this works for you, let me know!