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HV Menu - Locks in IE6.0

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  • HV Menu - Locks in IE6.0

    I have added the HV Menu to my page. It works fine but randomly in IE6.0 it locks and I'm unable to use it. I wondered if this was something to do with the onLoad event as I have multiple javascripts being fired from my page as well as the hv menu?

    Here is a snippet of code from the hv menu which calls the onLoad event & the calls to the other javascripts from within my page

    HV Menu:
    else Trigger.onload=Go;

    Calls to other java scripts from within my page:
    <td class="detailsCell" colspan="2">&nbsp;
    <a class="examplelink" href="javascript:show('ac110f240123b8f7ec750fff341533c9')">
    <img src="/bridgerequest/images/document.gif" border="0"/>&nbsp;

    Has anyone experienced any problems like this or may know how to help with this problem as it is very frustrating?

    Thanks for your help in advance.