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Cool DHTML tooltip script problem with Safari

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  • Cool DHTML tooltip script problem with Safari


    I implemented this great script on my site here http://www.rogotworld.com/iblog/index.php and it works fine on most browsers, but on the browser I normaly use (Safari, OSX 10.3) it only works for links that are visible without scrolling. Links that are only visible when I have to scroll to them show the tooltip on a wrong position (mostly so far below the link that I never see them)

    I could maybe life with it, but the problem is that all links get unckliable after moving over a link where the tooltip not shows up till I click somewhere into the document.

    How can I fix this problem or if there is no way to do that on Safari, how can I disable it for that specific browser only?

    Thx in advance for any help, Fredi

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    I have replaced the script with the DHTML Tip Message version 1.2 and now it works. Problem solved.