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Help with HV Menu - positioning

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  • Help with HV Menu - positioning


    I have recently gotten some script off dynamicdrive.com (titled HV Menu) and I am using it to make a Vertical menu. However, can someone tell me how I can get this menu to appear in a specific place in the html file? I am creating a html file with tables in and need the menu to be on the left side underneath an image.

    Thanks for helping

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    Include in your body tag style="margin:0px"
    Insert in your page a table (or a row inside an existing table)

    <tr><td valign='top' align='left'>
    <div id='MenuPos' style='position:relative; width:102px; height:102px;'><img src='transparent.gif' width='102px' height='82px'></div>

    width and height should match initial menusize (exeption img height should be menu height -20)
    transparent.gif is a 1x1 pixel image, made transparent

    var TargetLoc="MenuPos";
    var MenuVerticalCentered="top";
    var StartTop=0;
    var MenuCentered="left";
    var StartLeft=0;

    You can use StartTop and StartLeft to get on offset.
    Also the center variables can still be used.


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      Positioning menus

      I have also used the scrolling menu script, and it works very well in 1024x768 resolution. If you had a 600x800 monitor, the menu appears in exactly the same place in relation to the browser window. This is logical, but it needs to display like tables do (when using percentage values for positioning) so that when the browser is resized, it doesn't overlap.
      Is there a way of positioning the menu correctly? Is it the position=absolute tag that needs changing?
      Sorry, i'm a bit of a novice, but i am trying.
      Please help.
      99 times out of 10!