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iframe scroller - brower back button not working

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  • iframe scroller - brower back button not working

    I am using iframe scroller and it works great (thank you)


    however when I click on one of the links that I have in my external.htm page, the bowser back button does not take me back to the page where I started.

    Can any give me an idea of what I need to change or add to make this work.

    thanks for any help you can give
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    Generally, whenever the src document in an iframe is changed, the browser creates a new entry in its History. So, when you click the back button, you get to the previous History entry - which is simply a prior state of the same master page. Multiple clicks can get you out eventually, provided that there in so onload event handler that interferes with the History.

    If you are willing to try a complicated solution that I use myself, go here:


    It isn't for everyone, but it works.