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  • preloader and error messages

    I recently copied the the DHTML from dynamicdrive for the transclucent slideshow. It works fine.

    However, the show starts up without images and takes a few images before it is fully loaded. Is there a preloader that will work best with this show? I do have a preloader in Golive and thought about using in on the first 2-3 images...there are only 7 images in this show.

    Would like to have a mouse over that stopped the show as well and see that there are other show codes that use a mouse-over stop, but none with pretty fades. I would then convert my three other page shows to the same script.

    I tried the fade out show first...it was pretty rough..one of the images never did completely upload before fading out, even after a few times around. All images are at 30K, 400X400.

    Lastly, I notice that code errors show up when running through a validation program, even if I just copy the code and paste in a validator. Would appreciate any comments on that as well.
    I'm not including my script as it works fine.
    Show is at: www.carolromanphotography.com --to fine arts --
    fine arts show.

    Thanks in advance for any help on these issues.
    Carol R