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    I don't seem to be able to follow directions! I cannot get the dynamic calendar inserted into my web page. I keep getting script errors - "object not found", or the script appears on the page.

    Can you refer me to step by step instructions? I can't believe I can't do this!

    Thank you.

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    if you have followed the instruction found at Dynamicdrive and having problems, i recommend upload your files to a server and let us have a look at it. most likely a very simple step you might have overlooked. also, a script debugger(comes with win2000) would help in pointing to general area of the error.


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      Thanks - I'll put it into a blank page and publish it tomorrow. I'm using Front Page 2002 (don't know if that's part of the problem). Does the win2000 debugger work on the html of the whole page, or just the javascript?

      I appreciate your help. Linda


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        its a script debugger so it will not point out errors in your html. when using Frontpage, just make sure to have all files in a correct directory(folder) and just copy and paste.


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          I've put it on the web at

          I'd appreciate your telling me what's wrong! Thanks. Linda


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            just looking at your page, i strongly recommend you start a freash page WITHOUT using any Frontpage themes and shared borders. most .js will not work under those conditions. just start with stright html page and copy and paste your code.


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              I tried it with a page with no themes and no shared borders


              and it still does not work.

              I know that I must be missing something simple...but I need more help, please.


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                looks to me that you have your FP setting to include borders and themes. you'll have to change the setting for that.

                just copy and paste this page to your notepad and name it calendar.htm and upload to your server. you'll need to download the "calendar.js" again because yours is corrupted(use the one in my server instead for testing).

                <title>dynamic calendar</title>
                <body onLoad="setCurrentMonth()">
                <script language="JavaScript" src="http://astro.phpwebhosting.com/~a206/dynamicdrive/calendar.js"></script>
                <script language="JavaScript">
                Dynamic Calendar Script- By Constantin ([url][/url])
                Permission given to Dynamic Drive to include script in archive
                For 1000's more DHTML scripts, visit [url]http://dynamicdrive.com[/url]
                var cal = new Calendar();
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