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Link to iframe page and specific htm file

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  • Link to iframe page and specific htm file

    I currently have an (iframe) document viewer on one of my web pages that I pulled from DD. reference here . It works great. I have a series of 8 links to the left of the iframe and each link pulls a different (htm) file into the iframe.

    What I'd like to do from my main page (called index.htm) is have those same 8 links referenced and have the links directed to the page with the iframe (call this 'index2.htm). Is there a way to tell the link to go to the iframe page ('index2.htm ) and then automatically have the correct corresponding htm file open in the document viewer, similar to what would happen if you were on the index2.htm and clicked on one of the links?

    I'm a newbie to JS and can't figure out how to do this or if its even doable. Thanks for any help. I've searched the forums and can't seem to find the answer out there.