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  • DD - HV Menu 5.5 Horizontal

    Greetings to all!!!

    I'm new here and I'm hopeful that someone can help me with the HV Menu as I'd really like to use it.

    I'm trying to help a friend of mine create a site and here's the mockup i created.

    I got the menu from DD but somehow, I just couldn't figure out how I can make the links on the menu load on my iframe I called cwindow. In normal html, it would just be something like this: <iframe name="cwindow" style="border:2px double gray" width=460 height=470 src="doc.htm">

    I was told that "To use targets in javascript links you must normally specify the name of the frame the link should open in, like:


    and I tried this but it didn't work for me. The link didn't open in my iframe named "cwindow". I also tried blank.cwindow.location.href='doc.htm'. no error on the code but link still didn't open in my iframe but rather in its own page. I also tried using _blank.cwindow.location.href='doc.htm' still no go.

    What I'd like to accomplish is upon click on the menu's link under About, click on Sun-Rey Sharpei at http://www.riceroni.com/pink/p1.html and for it to open in my iframe that I called 'cwindow.

    Right now, the only actual page that's associated with a link is the About > "Sunrey sharpei" which is linked to sunrey.htm.

    I was able to figure out most of it except for the iframe piece.

    Here's the script where things are configured and I just don't know what else to change or modify.

    I went thru the documentation but it's a bit confusing for me. I don't see anything on the documentation regarding iframes. Does this mean that it will only work on regular frames?

    I found the script at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamici...menu/index.htm

    Please let me know where I've gone wrong and how I can fix it and make it work.

    Thank you for the help.

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    i'm done....

    to those of u that atleast read my issue, thanks for your time. i shall now move on with simpler things that i know i can do.


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      See cross-posted thread for update.