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Multiple Scroller II scripts

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  • Multiple Scroller II scripts

    I need to run two separate instances of the following script on the same page:

    I have tried removing the onload handlers from both and combining them in the <body> tag to no avail. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. In addition, how can I get the content of these two scripts to remain in one position regardless of whether the window is maximized or not? Willy Duitt, if you're out there, help!!!

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    Hi Roxie;

    See if this helps.

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      Scroller II script

      I was able to configure both scripts on the same page, but found that increasing the size of the container would cause one of the scripts to cease operating. I have gone back to using one script on the page. If I decide to forgo form for function I may institute both.

      Thanks for all of your help as usual Willy.
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