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  • DHTML Tip Message "Modification"

    ^Script: http://dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex5/popinfo.htm^
    --(Newer Version: http://migoicons.tripod.com/dhtips.htm)

    What I am asking for is a bit complicated, but I will try to explain it as best as possible. The website that I am currently developing has a very fancy style. Although this script offers customization of font faces, colors, backaground colors and etc. it still does not offer as much flexibility as I am looking for. You can see examples of what the script offers on the script link above and you can see what I am looking to achieve here: http://www.realityremix.com/freestyle/redo.php. One of the types of tool-tips it offers is "sticky". This is where onmouseover the tool-tip appears and does not dissapear until a "Close" link/button is pressed. This is the only -type- that I am looking for. If there is a way to isolate the "sticky type" and make it just make [something] popup and make it so I can specify that [something] to be anything that would be great. All of the code is there, so if anyone is kind enough to do that / help me, I will really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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    Your best bet is to contact the author of the script for such changes.
    If you have no luck doing it - look into my implementation of "title" attribute enhancement:

    I can customize it to add the "close" button for additional fee.
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      I really don't have much money and don't want to waste it on the website right now. Is there just a script that does this: "Make object X visible by mouse when mouse is over object Y. Object X dissapears once Close is pressed." and like there would be a variable for example objectX = "<img src='img.gif'>"; ??