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    I used the drop down menu generator to create 5 menus located in table. in IE and NS6 they work fine, but ns4 keeps looking for the default url <a href="alternate.htm" onClick......> that was supplied by the generator, and not using the "onClick" event . in note from generator it states that older browsers look for this url - to make it backward compatible. It also displays the drop-down menu link selections right on the page in one long column. I have not modified the code except to add in names of my links.
    Has anyone come across this yet? - thanks
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    You did place them inside table cells which in NS4 will sometimes not work corectly when you mix layers and table cells togehter. Try the code without placing it inside a table and see if it works. Also you might want to check out the Menu/Navigation script at

    Not sure if it is NS4 compatible, but it is much nicer and has excellent instructions on how to implement it. Good Luck.