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Drag and Drop in scrolling table??

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  • Drag and Drop in scrolling table??

    I'm trying to figure out of it's possible to drag images out of a scrolling table or table cell and have them dragged OUTSIDE of the table or cell instead of vanishing at the cell or table border.
    I want to drag images over a background at the top of the page, but I have so many images I thought it would be better if they were in a scroll through area. I can't seem to make it work, I've tried css script autoflow: on and I got the scrolling area but then the dragging didn't work.

    any help would be WONDERFUL


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    Maybe you might see something at this URL that might just do the trick....I'm just taking a guess here, hope it helps, or am I way out in left field?
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      Thanks so much for trying to help, but the slideshow moving images isn't at all what I was trying to describe... have you ever seen those doll-maker sites where you drag the heads, bodies, clothes etc together? My project is like that, I have a TON of images I want to be draggable over various backgrounds so page visitors can make "snapshot" graphics to save. I need to know if it's at all possible to have say 40 DRAGGABLE graphics in a small table or table cell that has a scrollbar, and have the graphics dragged OUT of the table or cell onto the backgrounds that are OUTSIDE of that table or cell.... I hope this explains it better.


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        It occured to me it might help to show you an example of the pages I'm working on. Please see http://pages.ivillage.com/animegypsy...aitstudio.html The pets are the draggable images I would like to somehow get into a small scrollbar navigated window AND have them able to be dragged OUT of that window and onto the backgrounds. So far I can only manage to get the pets into a scrollbar navigated window and have the draggable ONLY WITHIN that window... they disappear at the table or cell border when dragged instead of dragging across the table or cell border, which I can get them to do when the table/cell does NOT have a scrollbar. I'm using the Drag and Drop Javascript I found at Dynamic Drives website. I tried looking up drag and drag and drop here in the forums and found no topics. PLEASE if you happen to know what I'm trying to do is NOT possible, let me know that too! Thanks everyone!