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  • HVMenu works once only

    I think I've got good understanding of how the menu system works, but here's my problem and I don't have a clue what's causing it. I'm setting the menu up into frames with the menu in frame 1 at the top and everything opening/targeting into frame 2 beneath it. Now when I open up my index.htm page to start. the menu pops up, as well as the default main page i'm using. I can scroll across the menu and submenus just fine. I've gotten the submenu's to crossover into the main page are no problem.

    Now I can choose a link from my menu and it opens up in its target window (frame 2) just fine. The problem is that after I choose my link and it opens up, the damn menu stops working! None of the submenu's will open or anything, and then any main link choose won't work. I can open up any link the first time, and then it just stops working.

    Anyone have any ideas why this may be happening? I haven't tested yet on another machine, and my browser seems to acting up, but I'm not sure if its a menu problem or not.

    Thanks in advance for your help everyone


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    please post a link to your site


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      Every taget page must include

      <body onload="javascript:{if(parent.frames[0]&&parent.frames['MyFrameOne'].Go)parent.frames['MyFrameOne'].Go()}">

      (MyFrameOne being substituted with your frame name) on every target page. If a page has this missing the menu won't operate across the frames and basically grinds to a halt.

      Posting a link to your site would help
      An answer needs a question just as much as a question needs an answer. Deep eh!


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        Thanks for the help guys. I haven't post up my site yet as its still in a very very raw state. I'm rebuilding for fantasy football.

        Anyway, jeepers, I had a stupid typo. I had read to add that in the in-stall frames and put it in correctly. Well, correct without the typo anyway. It all works now. I'm hoping to ftp the site sometime this week.

        Now how about this if its possible. Is there a way to take a submenu that say lists 4 links and break it up into to rows of 2, so instead of going

        Team 1
        Team 2
        Team 3
        Team 4

        The submenu would look more like this

        Team 1 | Team 2
        Team 3 | Team 4

        (I'd actually have 12 teams in two rows of 6)
        Where each is still a link, but thats all 1 submenu. I did come across a menu system similar called navdelux. But that menu doesn't let the you cross over frames.

        I'm still a newbie at all this, but learning more and more everyday.
        Thanks so much already for all your help.



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          I would imagine that it would take quite a major re-write to achieve that. It certainly won't do it by changing any of the variables. Sorry about that!
          An answer needs a question just as much as a question needs an answer. Deep eh!