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Adapting a script

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  • Adapting a script

    I'd like to ask all you experts out there about adapting one of their scripts.
    The typing text script is very good, (simple - that makes it good) but I can't see a way of making more than one paragraph type out. Or how to wait in between some words or lines. I wonder if anyone has a suggestion on how to accomplish this.
    I'm assuming it's not that tough, but I'm still too new at javascript.

    I'd appreciate any help on this, thanks.

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    Which one do you mean (exact name + category), because the "Typing Textarea" in "Scrollers" does all those things....


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      It was in this category

      Text animations - Typing text
      I checked out that scroller you mentioned again, but yeah, it has the same problem, only one line at a time (plus that animating part is aweful )

      I hope that it's easy enough to make something like this. I mean, I'd contact that guy who made the other one but the site's address is wrong or whatever. (Might have to email him)

      If it can be done, just make a typing out text that can go down one line after another and then pause in between paragraphs.
      I'll request a script like it later on maybe. (I've even seen one that fades in as it types using alpha filters


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        G'day Moonside

        I have a 'typing' script on this page but, as you'll see.. I'm just a newbie having some creative web fun... it may not be even close to what youre after mate.


        This one does not type in Netscape as far as I know though... perhaps you can amend that... or perhaps someone else can help me correct this if its possible, please.

        To escape criticism - do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. . . Vaya Con Dios


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          Still not quite right

          That appears to be the same script, sorry. I like the way it types out and stops at the end of the screen and goes down...But I tried to come up with a way to make it type out a seperate one, or pause, and nothing worked. I too am too much a newbie at scripting. I've seen people do amazing things, with really short scripts even, so that's why I was hoping it could maybe just be a matter of modifying this script.

          Oh well. I'll keep looking, and asking


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            Ok Sorry Mate... Let's wait till we see what the techis have to say! LOL. I know I'd really like what I have to type in N/S though.

            Perhaps if you find what you're after you might like to revisit your thread and let's know.

            To escape criticism - do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. . . Vaya Con Dios