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Textual Tooltip (link) Help?!!

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  • Textual Tooltip (link) Help?!!

    I finally got the textual tooltip to work for me. Well, for a day, that is. It was working in Internet Explorer, but not in Netscape, and then I reloaded the page and it began working in Netscape but not IE. I can't seem to figure out why it's all of a sudden not working in IE. I didn't touch the code from one reload to the next, so it's really puzzling. Now IE is telling me that there's an error on the page, while Netscape is happily loading my page just fine. Any idea on why IE is all of a sudden not compatible with the code? I really need help!

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    please post a link to your site. can't really see what's wrong without it.


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      Ok, the address is

      url editied by moderator

      in Netscape all the images load properly, but in IE only the first 3 will load. Yikes!
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        I think that link is against the Rules (See 1.4)

        If you need to post a working example - copy the page to a temp area or free server and use appropriate images (I am no prude but I am at work and could get fired for viewing such pages)

        Anyway - you need to re-read the script instructions. You are missing
        <div id="descriptions" align="left">
        Your code should be
        <ilayer id="d1" width="200" height="200" visibility="hide">
        <layer id="d2" width="200" height="200">
        <div id="descriptions" align="left">
        <!--Change below to default content of your own-->
        <!--Stop editing-->
        (Please use the edit post button to remove the link from your previous post)
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          roy is right. i just tried to go there, too, and got a blocked message from our work server, and those get logged.

          don't ever post web sites with adult content on this forum. you're getting people in trouble at work who are trying to help you.

          this isn't the first time i'll have to explain to the department director why i'm trying to go to porn sites at work.


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            As noted by Roy and Applesauce, please refrain from posting materials that may be deemed inappropriate.

            I edited out the URL in question. Feel free to post an alternate url with your working or nonworking example.


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              I sincerely apololgize for posting something that everyone seems to deem "inappropriate". I was prompted to post the link, and I did as I was asked. I figured that since the pictures weren't loading anyway, the one photo that showed a bit of skin wouldn't pose a problem if the page was accessed, and didn't realize that this was going to cause such a stir about me breaking the rules. However, if we're picking nits here, I do think that posting a reply just to hassle me about my inquisition could be interpreted as being a bit confrontational, and therefore also breaks a rule. But an eye for an eye, I suppose....

              At any rate, Roy, thank you for actually replying with a solution as opposed to a judgement, and in the future I will post all my code in question to a free site. And John, thanks for the advice too. One more thing though...if I post something like what I had on the site on a free site, will everyone STILL get in trouble for viewing it and trying to help because it has photos? I honestly didn't intend on getting anyone into hot water....


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                your link was against the rules- period. that is not picking nits.


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                  Many of our members use the forums on breaks while at work. Many companies log the activity of their employees at all times. How do you think it would look if their bosses were to come down on them for visitng sites that they deemed inappropiate?

                  While I am sure there were no bad intenstions on your part, I think you can see how this could cause a problem. As long as the material you are linking to is appropiate you should not run into any problems. For a clearer definition of the rules you can review them at:

                  This is no big deal at this point and you should not feel chastized in anyway. We look forward to working with you in the future.

                  Since Roy gave you what you where looking for, I am closing this thread, as it has served its purpose.

                  Any of you can feel free to email me if you have further questions.