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  • Navigation Bar IV help

    I am new to web design...I am trying to use the Top Navigational Bar IV and am having difficuties. I read the read me file and pasted the following(per the directions, directly below the body tag): After that, I copied the rest of the files ie:menu_array.js etc. into the directory using windows explorer. I am using Dreamweaver IV. When I preview in the browser nothing appears..Do I need to paste other items onto the page I want the bar or does the code below access the items that I pasted in the directory. This is probably simple stuff but like I said I am a newbie...Any help is appreciated.

    * DHTML Menu version 3.3.19
    * written by Andy Woolley
    * Copyright 2002 Andy Woolley. All Rights Reserved.
    * Please feel free to use this code on your own website free of charge.
    * You can also distribute and modify this source code as long as this
    * Copyright notice remains intact and that you send me notice that you
    * intend to use this code on your website.
    * Limited support for this script is provided
    * Commercial licence agreements are available on request for use & full support.
    * You can send email to [email protected]

    * Script featured on Dynamic Drive (http://www.dynamicdrive.com)

    <SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="menu_array.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="mmenu.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>

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    if you can upload your pages to the web so we can look at them it will help, or post the code to your whole page (not just the menu script).