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HV menu in Mozilla 1.0

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  • HV menu in Mozilla 1.0

    Ik use hvmenu in a website at http://home.hetnet.nl/~tenrheidelberg. It works fine in IE6 but it will not work in Mozilla 1.0 (windows version). The problem are the links in the submenu's. It works when I state them like http://blablabla, but not when I use relative links (like "zwemmen/algemeen.htm") it seems like mozilla tries to fetch /zwemmen/algemeen.htm (it does that when i run a local copy, it looks for /c:/website/zwemmen/algemeen.htm and that doesn't exist). The strange thing is that the main menu items (the headers) DO works correctly, but even when I use exactly the same link, the submenu's don't work. Any comments?

    Rob Huls
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